Jazz by Toni Morrison, written commentary

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Violet thought it would disappoint them; that it would be less lovely than Baltimore. Joe believed it would be perfect. When they arrived, carrying all of their belongings in one valise, they both knew right away that perfect was not the word. It was better than that. Joe didn't want babies either so all those miscarriages - two in the field, only one in her bed - were more inconvenience than loss. And citylife would …

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…child, or a woman's hold of a baby [seems] awkward or careless." Her want of a child helps to explain her actions surrounding Dorcas. It makes some sense now as to why Violet would place a picture of a girl she should hate on her mantle, and look at it ever single day. She hopes that Dorcas can become or take the place of the child that she was never able to have with Joe.