"Jane Eyre" by Charlotte Bronte.

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St. John serves to contrast with the other male characters in the book. Compared with Mr. Rochester, he is as ice towards his love, Rosamond, because he knows that they are not suited for each other and would be unhappy together. This shows his far-sightedness. However, Mr. Rochester is fire, passionate towards Jane and determined to marry her at whatever cost just because he loved her without caring what the consequences were, even though he …

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…own legitimate needs for love and emotional support. Her consideration of St. John's proposal leads Jane to understand that, paradoxically, a large part of one's personal freedom is found in a relationship of mutual emotional dependence. I feel that St. John Rivers is put into the book as a means of contrast to all the other male characters and certain events associated with them. For example, with Mr. Brocklehurst, hospitality and with Mr. Rochester, marriage.