Jane Eyre-criticism of the main character

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Jane Eyre is a novel about struggle of a little governess for self-realization and dream-fulfillment. In that determined and almost obsessive struggle Jane appears as a self-involved person in an absolute denial of the world around her. This particular layer of Jane's complex personality is important because it shades a general course of the novel. At one point it even raises social and moral issues from the standpoint of Victorian conventionality. In this passage I …

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…to make us believe that through the life, pure and honest love can remove all denials, all selfishness that we carry within ourselves. Jane Eyre will stay an enigma, made of complex, opposite, inconsistent literary techniques that crafted complicated characters, unexpected turns, and confused our minds. All this layers and levels of Bronte's writing make the novel interesting and exciting. She will continue to polarize attitudes, to disappoints or fascinates its readers with the content.