J.M.W Turner and the Sublime

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Describe the term ‘Sublime,’ Illustrating your definition through reference to the work of Two of these artists; Turner, Martin, de Loutherbourg, Danby, Ward. The ‘Sublime’ is a term that has had several meanings over a period of time. The earlier usage would have been to describe very emotional scenes, depicting romance, love and glory. Later ‘Sublime’ was used to mean deep thought provoking paintings of power, mans subordination to the powers of nature and dark …

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…by Turner’s work. Martins depth of religion was put across in his paintings, This ‘Sublime’ approach would have been approved of at the time due to there moralistic character and portrayal of hell. The two artists chosen, Turner and Martin exemplify the given meaning of ‘Sublime’ each taking preference to different approaches, Turner creating awesome paintings of mans subordination to nature, and Martin, and his religious themes being ideal for the dark emotional side.