Its a Good thing Harry Met Sally

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It’s a Good Thing Harry Met Sally The 1989 film, “When Harry Met Sally” is a romantic-comedy masterpiece. It exhilarates us, and leaves us breathless, desperate for more. It isn’t the best romantic-comedy ever made, but it certainly falls right into the category of “classics”. Genius Rob Reiner (“The American President”) directs us into the lives of Harry and Sally, and also featured is an exceptional score from Harry Connick, Jr. Beautifully written by …

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…Ryan, but also their supporting cast of Carrie Fisher and Bruno Kirby, who play Sally and Harry’s best friends. All of their comedic timing is absolutely perfect; making this motion picture a delightful and delicious romantic comedy for all ages. We watch and we laugh; we actually feel the heartache and we pray that Harry and Sally would finally open their eyes and realize what they have in front of them is so real.