Is There a Life on Mars

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Classical Literature 230 Tragedy In life many choices, although they seem very minor, are a major key factor in the outcome of many situations. The story Oedipus Rex proves this thesis. We learn that one choice based on the bad advice of someone who claims to know everything, inevitably leads to a disaster. For example, imagine this case scenario. You are talking to your best friend on the phone and she tells you that she visited …

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…because they want to control their lives, like to consult others, who claim to know everything. If Jocasta did not seek the advice from the psychic, the disastrous premonition who probably not have come true. Oedipus teaches society that the future is better left untold and , that those who seek after it, especially if they take advice from others to try to change it, will create the mishaps themselves. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography** df. dDFdf 1992 pp23-25