Is Barney better than the magic school bus?

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Is Barney Better Than The Magic School Bus? Every child in this world loves to watch television. Some love to watch Barney and some love to watch The Magic school Bus. What is good for you Children, do you know? The Magic School Bus is a show where Mrs. Frizzle and her class go on magical adventures to see new things. Well, I think that The Magic School Bus is a better show because it …

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…and the other does not. School bus does and Barney does not. The Magic School Bus is not like no other bus in the world. Mrs. Frizzle is like a teacher that you wished you had. Singing songs and playing in the playground is one thing, but going on magical adventures, learning new things, and seeing exciting places is much more exciting, then the ordinary Barney. The Magic school Bus makes you kids? ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**