Interview of Education in the 1930s

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1) When and where were you born? I was born the 12th of October, 1919 in Lincoln, VT. Five generations of Purintons have been born and raised in Lincoln. 2) Do/did you have any siblings? I had two brothers, John and George. John was five years older than me and George was three years older. John died a couple years ago, but George is still alive and well and living up in West Lincoln making maple syrup. 3) …

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…virtually nothing to do with their child’s education. If there were a school function maybe the parents would attend. But other than that it was up to the teacher and the student. 18) Any differences between old/new schools, teachers, etc? Schools are not as safe as they were. Students just don’t care anymore. The parents try to make it look like they care. The communities are more developed, even little towns like Lincoln.