Interplay between Fantasy and Reality in The Gothic

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The Gothic - Interplay between Realism and Fantasy The purpose of the imagination, I believe, is to offer us solace and shelter from situations and life passages which would otherwise prove unendurable. The imagination which so often kept me awake and in terror as a child has seen me through some terrible bouts of stark raving reality as an adult. ( Stephen King Nightmares and Dreamscapes : 8 ) This quote from one of America's leading writers' highlights one …

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…ch like the gothic castle, a gothic novel will try to imprison and command us and lead us down those passages where we know we shouldn't really go. Bibliography Carter, Angela. The Bloody Chamber. London: Vintage, 1995 Craven, Wes. The People Under the Stairs. New Line Cinema, 1991 King, Stephen. Dense Macabre. London: Warner Books, 1993 King, Stephen. Nightmares and Dreamscapes. London: New English Library, 1994 King, Stephen. The Shining. London: New English Library, 1991 Kubrick, Stanley. The Shining. Universal, 1980