Internet Hackers - Methods to the "Madness"; This is an essay which details much of the techniques used by modern hackers, as well as their motives for such actions.

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Internet Hackers - Methods to the "Madness" The internet began as a computer network commissioned by the Advanced Research Projects Agency in 1969 as a network between four universities. Because of the volume of information available and the potential value of instant information transmission, the network known as the internet grew exponentially (Kristula 2). With the increased usage of the internet, has come an increased throughput of information. Contained within the transmitted data are many business secrets …

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…the "thrill of the hack" is something that many advanced users have come to enjoy. While the internet has made companies rich, it has also given birth to a new generation of criminals in hackers. As the progeny of the internet, this generation knows few boundaries and has few limits. Its members can move without detection and leave behind a legacy that, for better or worse, shapes the future of people, businesses, and governments worldwide.