Internal conflict within A Farewell to Arms

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In many works, the conflict involved is an inner conflict within the protagonist. Two external forces pulling in opposite directions which the protagonist must sort out and decide which is more important to follow. This is especially evident in the mind of Frederick Henry, from Ernest Hemingway’s A Farewell to Arms, for he must decide to follow his obligations to the Italian army in World War I, or follow his love for Catherine Barkley. …

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…in his decisions to reflect on whatever he viewed as “stable” at any given time. Frederick had conflicting events in his life both reaching out to him as “stable” at the same time, and his final realization demonstrated Hemingway’s point in the novel. While the point Hemingway was making was, in essence, the exact conclusion Frederick came to, it was the struggle which effectively brought his point through the pages, and to the reader.