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The ultimate goal of Instructional Design is to quickly and effectively teach people a new skill, or system of thinking. Elliot Masie, editor of TechLearn Trends, suggests “all training is about behavioral stimulation that changes human beings on some level.” (Masie, 1998, p. 14) This is a tall order “to change human beings”, and therefore, any professional instructor that accepts this challenge must ask plenty of fundamental questions first. These essential questions are part of a process …

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…situation, the cost may be justified. On the other hand, is the technology over the student capability? What about losing the learning in the technology? Does the client have the equipment that will run advanced programming? The instructor that has performed all the necessary front-end research does not worry about these questions; the answers are in the report handed to management. References Masie, E. (1998, August 17). Learners are one Click Away From Leaving! TechLearn Trends, #62, p. 14.