Influences on Finland by Russia and Sweden and the new identity of Finland since its independence.

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Focus on Finland and the Northern Dimension Monica Rodriguez Paz Tourism INFLUENCES ON FINLAND I). - A BRIEF VIEW ON ITS HISTORY THE SWEDISH REIGN Until the middle of the 12th century, the geographical area that is now Finland was a political vacuum, and interesting to both its western neighbour Sweden and its eastern neighbour Russia. The western and southern parts of Finland were tied to Sweden and the Western European cultural sphere, while eastern …

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…extreme because it is a good point to be open to other cultures, especially, in the present world of globalisation. Anyway, I think Finns are very pleased to see visitors and they always try to be king and helpful to us. I guess this happens because foreigners are not as usual as they are in other countries so Finns like to see people eager to get to know their culture, especially, not as a tourist.