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Industrial Engineer There are many categories that the career of an industrial engineer can break down in to. Of these are quality-control, time-study, process, plane design or factory layout, production, and documentation engineers. There are also configuration management analyst, tool planner, and vendor equally supervisors. Not all industrial engineers are educated in all these areas specifically, some only specify in one or two areas. They may have the title of operations, systems, or management engineers. …

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…effectively in speech and writing so they can convince people that what they have devised is appropriate and functional. It takes a four-year collage degree in industrial engineering or a related field to enter this occupation as a career. There are about 370 jobs opening in this field every year, and there are about 7,745 people employed in the field. The percent growth of this is 26.5% (This information is from Michiganís Employment Outlook to 2005). Bibliography none