Indian Chief Sitting Bull.

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SITTING BULL Sitting Bull was one of the greatest American Indian chiefs who did everything he could to bring justice to his people. He was born in the Grand River region of South Dakota in 1831. Sitting Bull's village name was Hunkesi, which means slow because anything that he did he did carefully and patiently. His Indian name was Tatanka Iyotak. When he was fourteen, Sitting Bull joined his first war party. The Sioux were fighting …

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…Sitting Bull for the things that he did. Although his actions may have countered the US government, they were still were justified because our government didn't hold any of its bargains. They were just trying to survive in any way that they could. I believe that Sitting Bull was one of the greatest leaders in American History because he made good decisions that kept most of his people alive during times when peace was threatened.