Independent Reading Response Fight ClubChuck PalahniukIndependent Reading Response Fight ClubChuck Palahniuk

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First Reaction: The novel was intentionally confusing and hard to follow due to its nonlinear structure. It was thoroughly enjoyable and upon completion it generated many questions in my mind, as well as thoughts of my own life and the decisions I make. Feelings: Fight Club excited me, scared me and even angered me. These emotions were not negative, simply pure and raw. The scenes of fighting and mayhem caused me to become angry and …

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…yourself and get involved. Any book that can do that is truly a wonderful text. Literary Associations: The story is very much a wild nonlinear ride like that of the film Pulp Fiction. The characters are more deeply analyzed and develop in this story, but their actions and surprising plot changes are very similar. Writing: I would most defiantly analyze the themes of the novel, how it draws you in and the intense character development.