In the Line of Fire

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In the Line of Fire Sometimes it takes the most painful circumstances to remind us. Lurking beneath the joy of sports are the risks of sports. There may be no sport where these risks are more apparent then in lacrosse, and there may be no position in which these risk are more dangerous then that of a lacrosse goalie. It was a pre-season game between two perennial powerhouses from Long Island, Northport and West Islip …

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…to stop shots any way he could. Getting hit in the chest, facemask, or helmet was and is part of the job. He and every other lacrosse goalie are in harmís way every time they go onto the field. Being a lacrosse goalie can be likened to bungee jumping. You are ok as long as the rope doesnít break. Which means of course, that you want to have a good rope. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**