In Shakeapear's play, Antont and Cleopatra, How does Enobarbus' description of Cleopatra in her barge re - inforce what we have already learned of Egypt and its queen?

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The scene in which this speech takes place is Act 2 Scene 2, and we have already been introduced to many of the main characters. We have had our first impressions of everything in the play, and of all the characters in the play. So far, we have learned that Egypt was regarded as a place plagued with pleasure - seekers and people who 'live for the moment'. Romans regard it as a disrespectful place of sin, …

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…is given from the rational view of Enobarbus, whom we now know we can trust to give a detailed and proper account of the important parts. He appears to be level headed in his opinions, and this speech is also helpful in getting the audience to trust in the opinions of Enobarbus - this is necessary if Shakespeare is to use him as a kind of 'narrator' of the events taking place in the play.