In Respect for Charlie: A Tribute to Dead Pets

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In Respect for Charlie: A Tribute to Dead Pets Most everyone has experienced the death of a beloved family pet. These times are met with an attitude of seriousness, and utter solemnity. Death is not a funny thing, and any soul should be mourned the same. In the many times my pets have passed on, be they dogs, cats, or golden junebugs, we have always buried them in an honorable and memorable way. Sometimes, though, …

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…on the cashier's face when mom placed the frozen fishstick in her hand the next morning and asked for an exchange. Right now, I actually do have living pets, and strangely enough a sane view on mortality. Charlotte/Charlie, Excelsior, and GoldfishX lived happy, if short lives. Their burials were mere quirks in the usual routine of death in my family. This might sound weird, but, doesn't everyone need a little excitement in their afterlife?