In Cold Blood

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Truman Capote is one of the greatest authors of all time. He was born in 1924 and died in 1984. Sincehis early childhood, he has written many books and he has won many prizes and awards. Many people say that In Cold Blood was Capote's best work. In this book, Capote writes a carefully detailed account of the murder of the Clutter family. In this detailed account, Capote follows the Clutter family's subsequent adventures, which include the …

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…if one day Mr. Clutter would become a millionaire. These lives were taken for no concrete reason, just the greed for the Clutter's wealth. "In the book In Cold Blood, the murderers Richard Hickock and Perry Smith are prisoners of their pathological childhood. As a consequence, there crimes are rendered understandable, but not forgivable" (Reed 68). Truman Capote excelled in portraying the murder case as a downfall of society with the death of the American Dream.