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The 1997 film In&Out, directed by Frank Oz gives a comedic example of what might happen to a small town man when he is outed. Howard Brackett finds that his so-called ordinary life falls apart when he's "outed" by a former student. This student announces to the world at the Oscars that Howard is gay, while accepting an award for portraying a homosexual in a movie. Howard lives in Greenleaf, Indian a typical American, conservative, …

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…movie uses stereotypes as supposed telltale signs of homosexuality. If a man decides to dance to a song he likes, does this make him gay? If he likes a certain movie or even Barbara Streisand or just talks a certain way does this automatically make him a Homosexual? Why is it that men are judged for being true men only if they dress a certain way, act a certain way and speak a certain way?