Implications of Christian Ideology in Goethes Faust

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In Faust, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe builds a dramatic poem around the basis of human strengths and weaknesses, two traits exemplified by Goethe through his main character, Johann Faust. Throughout his life, Faust becomes knowledgeable in math, science, and the Holy Scripture, yet desires to find happiness as a result of his persistent struggle for power. Faust seeks not power through knowledge, but power resultant from knowledge achieved through transcendence. Infinitely, it is this desire …

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…embodies aspects of Christian principles in its composition. Through the symbolism of events and physical objects, along with the paralleling of characters to Christian archetypes, the play exonerates a Christian overtone. Through Goethe's description of Faust's search for truth,meaning, and how he renounced his faith then repented, show that the drama is more than just the story of Faust's promised salvation, it is the celebration of heroic ideals deep-rooted in religious principalities. Bibliography none