Impacts of early European contact with native North Americans

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IMPACT OF EARLY EUROPEAN CONTACT 9 May 2002 IMPACTS OF EARLY EUROPEAN CONTACT I.Opening Statement. II.Break down of the Early Native American Tribes and Locations. III.First Impact Loss of Life through the Spread of Diseases. IV.Second Impact Loss of Land. A.French Interactions. B.Dutch and English Interaction. C.Spanish Interactions. V.Native American Culture. VI.The difference between European and Native Women. VII.Third Impact Loss of Freedom. A.French. B.English. …

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…the entire truth in high school not given the impression of Chris and the Native Americans sitting down at a table and sharing a nice meal and exchanging gifts. Works Cited Nash, Gary B., et al. The American People: Creating a Nation and a Society. Volume One to 1887.4th Edition. Los Angeles: Addison-Wesley Educational Publishers Inc., 1998. Trickel, John A. Readings In United States History To 1877: Perspectives on America. Volume 1. New York: American Heritage Custom Publishing, 1