Impact of Long-Term Care and the Elderly.

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Long-Term Care: The Impact of the Elderly Providing accessible, affordable, and high-quality long-term care services to an aging population presents a growing challenge to long-term care providers. As the oldest members of the baby boom generation approach retirement, federal and state policy, makers are exploring policies to care for the increasing number of elderly and to finance expanding long-term care needs. Other concerns include how to provide an adequate mix of institutional care and home …

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…monthly payment per enrollee from Medicare and Medicaid. (Campbell) An improved system of public and private financial support could ensure that all elderly and disabled Americans have access to quality long-term care. Several steps can be considered to improve the current system including: provide enhanced support to informal caregivers, improve the monitoring and measuring of home and community-based service quality, increase the supply of skilled long-term care workers and to reduce deficiencies in institutional care.