Images of Light and Darkness in Romeo and Juliet

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In his play, Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare weaves a timeless tale. Although it is over 400 years old, Romeo and Juliet, is as interesting today as it was at its inception and my guess is that its appeal lies in its subject matter. Shakepeare picked a theme that’s been known to cause indigestion and sleep loss for centuries. And yet, regardless of the ills associated with it, it remains a topic of worldwide interest. And …

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…to the daytime. Love, or, “light,” is possible only at night, and stands opposed to all other elements in the play. In the end, Shakespeare utilized the images of light and dark, as well as the themes of love and death, to illustrate that essentially all contraries become one. I believe that that was the point of the play, it was Shakespeare’s way of saying all is all, and that’s all there is.