Illustrate How The Way People Influenced By Superstitious Belief

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Illustrate How The Way People Influenced By Superstitious Belief As we all approaching to 21st century, superstitious belief is slowly being expelled by the people. Superstition is a nonscientific thought, which means the superstitious belief contain no elaboration and any methods that can be proved or disproved. Superstitious thinking can cause a lot of confusion in our desires and our daily life judgement. Today, many Malaysians still practicing superstitious belief, some of them are because …

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…or because they themselves have been healed and are giving thanks to the God. As an outcome, although superstitious belief doesn't has any kind of scientific proof but there are many peoples still practicing the superstitious belief as their daily chores. Chinese, Malays, and Indians believe that superstitious belief has it own kind story behind it if not the belief will no longer exist until now and the superstitious belief influence the people a lot.