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Ignorance In Sophocle's ancient Greek tragedy, Antigone, there is a woman who chooses to go with the feeling inside her heart and obey law of the Gods, rather than to obey civil law. Antigone's bother Eteoles was given a proper burial after a war in their homeland of Thebes. She wants her brother, Polyneices, who was the enemy, also to be given a proper burial, but the king prohibits the burial. Kreon, the king, is …

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…Kreon looks like a fool: he accused an innocent man of greed, Antigone and Ismene of trying to get the throne, and he thinks that his son is too young and in love to know what he is talking about. He doesn't even give any body a chance. The crime that Kreon commits is in the end, when he finally realizes what he had done and killed three innocent people in the process. Bibliography none