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In the book, The House of Mirth, by Edith Wharton, the characters are extremely interesting in how they choose to present themselves. There is one social group in which they are all rich upper class Americans, with an aura of snobbishness surrounding them. Then there is one woman who ran with this crowd and she did not quite fit into the label of a "snob", yet she was consumed with Veblenís theory of "conspicuous …

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…it regardless of the ramifications. Lily wanted women to look upon her as stylish and men to see her as marriageable. In the end, that competitiveness and struggling to stay in the game destroys her. Everything seems so aggressive and surreal in that world of the white bread New York society scene. Everyone is so sneaky and wanting to outdo each other. All their money or lack of it is made evident by "conspicuous consumption".