'If you cannot communicate it, it isn't knowledge.' Agree or disagree and discuss

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How many times have you found yourself hopelessly trying to explain something to someone but just couldn't get the message across? Frantically, you try to explain what it is you want to say, but the more you try the less sense you seem to make. Confused, humiliated and stressed out, you give up, leaving the other people even more confused. And how many times has a friend been telling you a story in a hesitant …

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…writers than others, but they might be as knowledgeable. I agree with many of the arguments agreeing with the statement, and many times in lectures we say to ourselves, 'He really does sound like he knows what he's talking about.' A mixture of knowledge and the ability to communicate make this possible. How many times have we found ourselves saying something along the lines of, 'I just don't know how to explain it?'