Ideal Division of Labor

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PRESENTATION:CRITICAL ANALYSIS OF THE WEALTH OF NATIONS My premature inclinations about the famous 200 plus year-old text of Adam Smith is very complementary because the specific, pin-pointed principles that he entails is very simply stated and yet still applies to the everchanging economic atmosphere of the world today. It holds a reciprocal effect for all involved and by our human nature alone we are inclined to band together to achieve maximum affluence for all.The …

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…in this as the forms of transportation and more facileavailability to water and other medias of land, air and sea.In concluding, I would have to say in retrospect of my experience as to this point reading The Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith that I am in almost total agreement with the views and insights of Mr. Smith. His philosophy is ever-chaning and ever-evolving ,no matter how long a word in text remains constant.