INsane or not insane That is the question

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Insane Or Not Insane? That Is The Question Some people wonder is Montressor was insane in the short story of “The Cask of Amontillado.” Well to me, he was. I say this because would a sane man want revenge on a person? Would a sane man want to kill someone in such a slow and painful way? That is the idea that is going to be discussed in this essay. “I must not only punish …

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…a little guilt, but he was too rapped up in what it was done for, that he found something else to blame for him feeling that way. This whole essay explains that he was insane. It shows you the steps and the actions that this man had done just to get revenge. No sane man would plot this out so well that no mortal hasn’t touched the “grave” site for a half of century.