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The IMF: Good Economics but Bad Politics? Or Good Politics but Bad Economics? The International Monetary Fund, established in 1944, to foster long-term economic growth and stability in an environment of weak international capitol markets. Making it originally good economics. Today’s International Monetary Fund has become more of an international force and lender. “President Clinton wants the IMF to devote more attention to preventing crisis rather than responding to them”(Calomiris). The International Monetary Fund …

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…Bibliography** Works Cited Calomiris, Charles W., Fixing The IMF, The National Interest. Issue #56 Summer 1999, Pg 88. Parrish, Duncan. Who Rules the World?, New Statesman. April 2,1999. Sachs, Jeffery, The IMF and the Asian Flu.21 Debated Issues in the World Politics. Prentice Hall. New Jersey. Pg 197. Strada, Michael. Through the Global Lens. Prentice Hall. New Jersey. Pg 110.