Hypocrisy in the Church,Young Goodman Brown

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People use one major excuse for their refusal of embracing Christianity in the Church:hypocrisy. This something that has been present in the Church since "Day One." People use many of the misdeeds done in the of Christ as evidence, such as Crusades, the Inquistion, witch trails, and many other horrible acts. Due to this behavior, a majority of them tend to say, "If that's what Christianity is all, then I don't want any part …

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…give{s} us the coverage to name evil. If one is able to recognize the bad things in church, they will be able to differentiate them from the good things. We will open our eyes towards God and not shut them as we turn away from him. People will see that the hyprocrisy in the Church is not from the Word of Christ(Bible), but from the words of people who speak God's words wrongfully.