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Erasmus of Rotterdam, the author of Praise of Folly and Thomas More, the author of Utopia, were two of the sixteenth century’s greatest Renaissance writers. Erasmus and More were both close friends and also great believers in their religion. It was in the early part of the sixteenth century that a new group of “Humanist” thinkers evolved. Both Thomas More and Erasmus of Rotterdam took part in this new philosophy known as Christian Humanism. …

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…true function also represented by their attire. For example, the upper white garment signifies the remarkable and singular integrity of life. If they focused on their true responsibilities, they would not want to have the job. Popes take the place of Christ, and should try to imitate Christ's life, specifically his poverty, labor, doctrine, cross, and contempt of life. However, they seem to be more concerned with financial gain. Bibliography Erasmus The Praise of Folly