How to install Linux with kickstart over NFS

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NFS Kickstart Installation <Tab/>Kickstart is an extremely useful configuration file that can be used to run Linux installations automatically. The only operation the user has to perform is correctly configuring the kickstart file, place the file on a floppy, insert the floppy and a boot disc, and run a single command. Linux then installs itself without asking any for any of the normal installation questions. The user simply has to …

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…the first Fedora Core 2 installation disk in the cd-rom. A prompt will come up if the correct cd is in the tray. To begin the kickstart installation type "Linux ks=floppy" into the prompt and hit enter. If dual booting with Windows, Fedora Core 2 will provide a warning message about the partitioning table possibly being corrupted. This will pause the installation until "OK" is clicked. If performed correctly, the installation will now do everything itself.