How the tragedy of september 2001 affected the world of sports and its outlook.

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After the tragic events of September eleventh, life changed and so did the world of sports; however, now normality has begun to emerge and sports has returned to its old ways. This happened, because the people in sports felt pressure to honor the country and not look like self-absorbed millionaires after the attacks, but now they no longer feel that pressure. Prior to the eleventh, athletes were publicly attacked for a slew of different offences …

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…resume or how to resume. When sports did return it was evident, a change had taken place. They played as a unified team, united in all ways. As we move on this year, athletes no longer play as a cohesive team would, but rather as numerous independent people striving to capture headlines. The actions of people in the sports community has returned to its aged traditions, filled with self-serving interests unconcerned with community or country.