How successful was the marketing Campaign of Harry Potter and the philosopher's stone?

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HOW SUCCESSFUL WAS THE MARKETING CAMPAIGN OF HARRY POTTER AND THE PHILOSPHERS STONE? The Harry Potter franchise is one of the most profitable franchises of all time and the film is the second highest grosser after Titanic. The marketing campaign has helped the franchise to develop. This essay will examine the success of the marketing campaign throughout the media. JK Rowling's first book "Harry Potter and the philosophers stone" was published in 1993. The plot focuses …

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…million in the United States breaking all previous records. Harry Potter and the philosopher's stone was the most popular film of 2001. Chris Columbus's big screen version of the first book topped the UK box office Charts for 2001, putting £56.6 million in the coffers for Warner brothers. It seems that the next film 'Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets' shall be as big or even bigger due to the techniques of advertising and promotion. (WORD COUNT: 3067)