How helpful is Boyer in explaining or understanding religion? This is an analysis of Pascal Boyer's "Religion Explained"

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There may not be any issue more inexplicable than religious belief and thought. Religion is a primary factor in many psychotic actions performed by humans. There are numerous typical cynical answers to the lasting question of why religions exist. Religions are said to offer reasons for dreams, natural phenomena, the beginning of the world, and our place in it. Religion grants solace during times of hardship, and is the glue that binds societies around the …

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…h positive experiences and ritualistic behaviors strengthen one another. The capacity of religious power can not only be explained through its ritual and belief-systems separately from its actual but perhaps subjective occurrences. This does not mean that religious experience provides reason for the numerous varieties of religion and the various religious rituals that follow. All this means is that the marvel that is religion must be a combination of the ritual, belief-bases, and experiential facets.