How did the Franco-German alliance promote

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How did the Franco-German alliance promote the idea of the European Community and the Union ? INTRODUCTION. For hundreds of years, Europe has always been in internal turmoil. Maybe it's because of language barriers, religion, historical events, of differences in politics, the economy or even culture; no-one knows for sure. What we do know is that this constant bickering has led to two devestating world wars, claiming millions and millions of lives, and that, since the …

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…brought ? Many people may not like the French, but for this once, they had the right idea. BIBLIOGRAPHY. - Bok, Derek Curtis, The first three years of the Schuman Plan, New Jersey, Princeton University Press, 1955. - Heckscher, August, Europe's Coal & Steel Community, New York, The Twentieth Century Fund, 1960. - Nugent, Neill, The government & politics of the European Union, Durham, Duke University Press, 1994. - Treaty establishing the European Coal & Steel Community, England, Her Majesty's Stationary Office, 1951.