How did the Abolition Movement move towards the civil war

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Abolitionism is also called the Abolition movement, in the United States their was two hundred campaign to free American blacks from slavery, or forced labor. The abolition movement, began in the late 1600s where years has gone by to 1861-1865, that finally brought up the Militant stages in to the Civil Wars climax . . . . . . The first recorded abolition meeting took place in 1688 in Germantown, Pennsylvania, with a group of Quakers, whose religious beliefs were slavery …

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…role to go against slavery in the United States. The movement rapidly gained followers, and it pushed the nation even closer to war. When the Civil War began, the abolitionist prayed for Northern victory of Union forces that would bring emancipation, or freedom, to the slaves. . . . . . . . After the four years of blood shed, the victory of the Union forces made it possible for the 13 th Amendment (1865), which finally declared slavery illegal in the United States.