Honest Iago

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"Honest" Iago The poet Coleridge appropriately described the character of Iago as being one of "motiveless malignity." Throughout the play Iago’s motives are secondary to, and seem only to serve as justification for, his actions. Iago is driven by his nature of character. To discuss Coleridge’s assessment we must look at Iago’s character—from Iago’s point of view and that of the other characters—his motives, methods, and pawns. Through some …

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…Scene 2, Line 302] And Iago knew why; and he knew how. Iago most honestly confesses to Emily "I told him what I thought, and told no more than what he found himself was apt and true" [Act V, Scene 2, Line 175] The unspoken line comes next: they believed what they wanted—they are the guilty not I. Iago is a crafty, intelligent, manipulative school-yard bully, who is motiveless at each move. Iago is an honest man--deadly honest.