Hitler's Self Diefication

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Dual Results: World Domination and Self-Deification In 1933, having flown across Germany in a massive publicity campaign, having been greeted at every stop by overwhelming crowds, and having been appointed the new Chancellor of Germany, Hitlerís popularity was undeniable. Soon after becoming Chancellor, Hitler made public his goals to unite the German people as one, his Lebensraum. Five years later, the entire German populations of Austria, Germany, Poland, and Czechoslovakia were united under Germany's sphere …

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…towards his goal of world domination. Much as these goals aided Hitler in his campaign to dominate the world, they also served to deify him. By bringing out the ideals of leading his flock, uniting his people in brotherhood, and punishing the people who infect society, Hitler can easily be seen in a religious light. Though Hitler was certainly militarily focused, to discount the strong religious undercurrents in his regime misses much of his ideology.