Hitler and the Nazi Party

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Hitler and his Nazi party brought about various changes in Germany between 1934 and 1939. These are political, economical, and social changes, and they affected many people in different ways. The ordinary people in Germany, especially those who were unemployed were the ones who were benefited by some of the economical changes that the Nazis made. However, German communists, social democrats, Jews, and other people whom the Nazis took a prejudiced view of had to undergo many …

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…made enriched people's lives because they gave them jobs and decreased the unemployment rate. They have indeed advantages. However, they committed atrocities and went to the extremes. They believed that they could make Germany powerful by brainwashing the general public and attacking all the others that were disturbing to them. Afterwards their belief would prove to be wrong. After all the desirable and undesirable events had occurred Germany entered war and headed for the fall.