History of Western Music

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Most of the early music that we have today still in print is primarily sacred music. This music, for the most part, is in the form of sections of the Mass, such as the Gloria, Kyrie and Agnus Dei. Most people of the Middle Ages were poor peasants who worked all day for meager wages and had no idle time lounging the way the upper classes did. Therefore, there are few extant secular compositions of …

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…eriod could be called beneficial, it would be the song we all know and grew up with as children: Ring around the rosies, Pocket full of posies, Ashes, ashes We all fall down. Works Cited Annenburg/CPB Project Exhibits Collection. http://www.learner.org/exhibits/middleages/artsact.html Daum, Gary. http://www.gprep.pvt.k12.md.us/~music/musikbok/chap11.html Stolba, K Marie. The Development of Western Music A History. McGraw Hill: Boston 1994.