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HISTORY OF ASIA August of 1917 Japan was ready to reap her benefits of imperialism and she had her eyes on China. The exchange of the Lansing -Ishii Notes between the U.S. and Japan, this agreement granted territorial superiority of China to Japan. Japan interest in China mostly economic. The Japanese population was growing, cities were crowded, and consumer goods were scares and its standard of living extremely low. A major earthquake also adds to …

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…United Nation was strictly on the basis of Communism. But in 1971 President Nixon seeking better relations with China changed his point of view. On October 25, 1971 the China was excepted into the United Nations. In 1972 Nixon visited Peking, and both countries agreed to begin relations as soon as arrangements could be made. The U.S. Foreign Policy through Nixon gave China the opportunity to join the UN and ion many ways open their doors for change.