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From 1939-1945 there was a disasterous war that would change the way countries around the world looked at each other forever, this war was World War 2. The one major turning point of this war was the bombing on Hiroshima. Proubably the most stunning thing that has ever happened on the face of this earth. This bomb changed the ways that countries looked at new age warfare forever, this bomb was the atomic bomb. While the …

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…Battle of the Philippine Sea wreaked havoc on the Japanese Navy, forcing the resignation of Japanese Prime Minister Tojo. ( War, Victory, and the Bomb Paragraph 1) by February 1945, U.S. forces had taken Manila. Next the U.S. Set its sight on the island of Iwo Jima in the Bonin Islands, about halfway between the Marianas Islands and Japan. U.S. finally took the island by mid-march, but not before losing the lives of some 6,000 marines