Hiking the Appalacian Trail

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I remember exactly what I felt as I stepped out of the truck and into the afternoon sunlight. I was at Lehigh Gap, a drop-off point where the Appalachian Trail meets highway 873 near Lehighton. A group of friends and I were being dropped off to begin our three day journey to Eckville, another drop-off point southwest of there. I turned to face the trail and was surprised to see quite possibly the steepest hill I …

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…for water. No one was thirsty for the rest of the night; we saw to that. We finished the last six miles of the hike the next day before our noon pick up time, so we sat and played cards until the van got there to take us home. In hindsight, I guess we could have finished the six miles that day without the water we got, but we would have missed our little adventure.