High School shootings

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High school shootings have been occurring all over the country. All incidents leading in one or more deaths. Jonesboro, Fayetteville, Edinboro, Pearl, Moses Lake, Grayson, Olivehurst, Behtel, West Paducah, Springfield, Littleton. It’ll never happen to me, you say, well, it could. And after it does everything is different, and has changed. Just a death can change you, but death from terrorism is even more difficult to deal with. That is why the students are …

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…reactions they think that it could happen just as easily here as anywhere else. Bibliography Works Cited Murr, Andrew. “A Son Who Spun Out of Control.” Newsweek 1 June 1998: 32. Soller, Ginny. Personal interview. 3 May 1999. Neilson, Amy. Personal interview. 3 May 1999. Maltman, Lacey. Personal interview. 3 May 1999. Wetzstein, Cheryl. “Make Aware or Make Scare?” Insight on the News. 6 July 1998: 37. Zollner, Katie. Personal interview. 3 May 1999. Sullivan, Randall. “A Boy’s Life.” Rolling Stone 1 October 1998: 46-54. “Interview With Kristin Kinkel.” . 5 June 1998.