Hero and Anti-Hero in Casablanca

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The Hero and Anti-Hero in Casablanca Casablanca is a very popular classic in which the audience is enlightened with a colourful combination of characters. The two prominent characters in the film, Rick Blane and Victor Lazlo, have a unique role because they portray the anti-hero and hero. These two character traits are critical because they differentiate the two main characters in the film. But, even though the anti-hero, Rick Blane, and hero, Victor Lazlo, have …

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…director's portrayal of political views, relationships, and inner feelings of Rick and Victor we can draw the conclusion that Rick Blane, the anti-hero, was driven by passion and Victor Lazlo, the hero, was driven by reason. This was one of the key factors that contributed to the overwhelming success of this film. It was the ongoing saga of trying to pinpoint that very difference between the two men that made watching Casablanca an interesting experience.