Henry VIII the "Old King Cole" or Blue Beard approach is often under scrutiny. This essay affirms the Old King Cole approach, in which Henry acted out of the interests of the country.

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The Wars of Roses - histories nastiest family feud; a bloody clash between opposing royal families, that of York and Lancaster. The result of which would yield a king and its respective dynasty, ruling over the profound nation of England. Since the unity of England the crown was frequently up for grabs, obtainable to anyone strong enough to seize it. It led to the warfare of brothers against brothers; sons fought fathers. Even "In one …

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…wars and social strife. He feared a coup d'etat, in the event of a vacuum of power and so he took the necessary steps, for the good of all, although loosing a few beloved lives. Not only did he preside over England at the peak of its power, he also profoundly altered history and paved the way for other countries to break away from the Roman Catholic Church and thus he was a superior thinker.